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Consumers prefer PET bottles due to increased convenience as compared to glass since they are thinner, lighter, easier to handle and offer high resistance to breaking.  Manufacturers are also showing a preference toward PET bottles since the material gives flexibility to create different attractive shapes and lower transportation cost.  Healthy growth potential of FMCG and Pharma industry and increasing consumer preference for hygienically packaged products are expected to be future drivers of growth in the plastic packaging industry.

The company produces high quality PET Preforms under the reputed brand name KPET on state-of-art, Ferromatik Milacron Injection Moulding Machines with a production capacity of around 75 tonnes per month. The quality of KPET preforms manufactured on these machines is par-excellence and satisfies stringent quality norms of all international food and beverage majors. Along with an exhaustive range of volumes, Kalinga Gases Pvt. Ltd. also offers PET Preforms in every possible shapes & sizes to meet the demands of the packaged drinking water market.  Our KPET preforms are recognized for their anti-leakage, breakage resistance, eco-friendly and durable nature.

Every Kalinga Preform rolls out from state of art manufacturing facilities equipped with up-to-date modern technology. No wonder, the end product is carefully finished, smooth, with flash free necks, tailless & uniformed wall thickness with high clarity and low or no “A” level. KPET preforms are so designed that while blowing, the material gets distributed evenly, thereby making absolutely sturdy bottles. As the Preforms are manufactured observing stringent quality control,  Kalinga's Preforms are of superior quality, aid in trouble free production and even zero rejection.  KPET preforms made on state-of-art Ferromatik Milacron Injection Moulding machines enable uniform preform wall thickness, uniform preform weight & high gloss and clarity.  At Kalinga Gases Pvt. Ltd.,  KPET Preforms are produced using high quality PET resin from industry giants which are Coke/Pepsi approved.  As per our expansion plan, we intend to install High Yield Machines such as HUSKEY or KRAUS MAFFEI in the near future, as a natural step to fill the void presently existing in the plastic packaging segment in Odisha.

Pet Benefites....

Plastic packaging has become indispensable to the world. A global trend has emerged to produce hi-tech, sophisticated and eye-catching plastic packaging. PET (polyethylene terephthalate) has recorded the fastest growth rate in the global plastics market and this is evident from the revolution witnessed in the fields of mineral water, beverages, edible oil, detergents etc. PET excels by its inherent values like strength, safety, cost-effectiveness and being lightweight, unbreakable and recyclable. Today, the food and beverages industry is increasingly using PET to replace glass and other materials.

Chemical Resistance : PET provides superior resistance to oils, fats, alcohols and emulsifiers except in case of concentrated acids and strong solvents. In addition, PET is non-toxic and totally hygienic, thus, making it a safe packaging medium for commercial packing.

Mechanical Properties : PET is virtually unbreakable, can withstand very high internal pressure due to excellent creep resistance, and has a good strength to weight ratio.

Gloss/Transparency : Due to its excellent transparency and gloss, PET is a preferred packaging material for enhanced shelf appeal. Further, It can be pigmented, if necessary for achieving transparent and opaque colours of high gloss and luster, catering to different requirements of user industries. PET is pleasant to feel which enhances the bottle's sales appeal. PET can also be ribbed attractively by simple techniques.

Barrier Properties : Delicate and perishable products such as food items often need extended shelf life. Consequently, they should have minimum contacts with harmful elements especially oxygen. The medium should also prevent unwanted flavour from penetrating while retaining the required flavour from escaping. PET on its own doesn't impart any taste to the material acked property.

PET Pre-Form from PET Resin……

PET Preform has large demand for the manufacturing of PET bottle for the food, beverage and pharmaceutical company.  With the growing demand for carbonated soft drinks, water and edible oil, PET bottles are also increasing in demand. As the benefits of PET become apparent to a greater number of manufacturers and bottlers worldwide, demand continues to grow.  While it is possible to make PET bottles directly from the resin, high volume requirements and bottle size requirements necessitates the use of Preforms for all bottle applications.  Thus, with the growing requirement of PET bottles and jars, requirement of PET preforms are on the rise.

PET Recycling……

Polyethylene Terepthalate, or PET, is used as a raw material for making packaging materials such as bottles and containers for packing a wide range of food products and other consumer goods.   It finds extensive use in the following fields:  soft drinks, alcoholic drinks, candy jars, pharmaceutical products and edible oil.  PET is one of the most common consumer plastics used.

With high volume of use comes high volume of waste.  The empty PET packaging is discarded by the consumer after use and becomes PET waste.  In the recycling industry, this is referred to as "post-consumer PET."  As PET is a fully recyclable material, used containers are collected by  waste collection agencies for sale to recycling plants after crushing, washing, separating and drying.

Recycling companies will further treat the post-consumer PET by shredding the material into small fragments. These fragments still contain residues of the original content, shredded paper labels and plastic caps. These are removed by different processes, resulting in pure PET fragments, or "PET flakes". PET flakes are used as the raw material for a range of products that would otherwise be made of polyester.  Examples include polyester fibre, a base material for the production of clothing, pillows, carpets, etc., polyester sheets, strapping, or back into PET bottles for non-food use, etc.

Application Areas for Pet Preforms……

Market for PET bottles and jars are not assessed in isolation but in conjucture with food products and hosts of items like agrochemicals, healthcare and hygienic products it packs. Some of the application of PET include:-

  • Carbonated Soft Drinks
  • Minerals Water
  • Edible Oil
  • Alcoholic Beverages
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Healthcare Products
  • Cosmetics & Toiletries
  • Pickles, Honey, Nutritional Beverages
  • Peanut Butter, Spices etc.
  • Agrochemicals
  • Bottles & Jars for Household & Retails use
  • Surfactants Liquid Detergents & Cleaning Solutions